Frequently Asked Questions:


What do you need from me to start umpiring games?

You must be 16yrs old or older


home phone number

work phone number

cell phone

email address


How old must you be to umpire?

You must be 16yrs or older.  15.5 yrs and older for the fall season.


Are there any fees?

Yes, the fee is $25.00 for the each season (Spring and Fall).  These fees are normally deducted from the first check.  This money goes to our scholarship fund.


How much can I make per game?

T-Ball 6yrs games are $25.00 at 1:15 mins

7-8 yrs old games are $34.00   These games last 1hr and 30min.

9yrs through 10yrs are $44.00   These games are 1hr and 45 mins

Majors (12yrs) are $47.00   These games are 1hr and 45 mins or 1hr and 30 mins

Junior are $52.00  These games are 1hr and 45mins.

Seniors are $60.00  These games are 1hr and 45 mins.

Single games that are booked on the schedule as such, are an additional $10.00

Games “called” within the hour of game time will be paid a showup fee.   $20.00

New umpires normally are assigned to the 11 yrs and younger games to develop their umpiring skills.  The more experienced you become, the more you’ll be able to call the older age brackets with some additional training.


How do I get assigned to games?

Every Sunday through Wednesday, the umpire will email his/her availability into the scheduler at  any issues call Dawn Becker. (713.516.5360).    Inform her the days that are available for you to call the following week - if there is none that week, then you won't need to contact her for the coming week (a week runs from Monday through Saturday).    If you don't get assigned any games for the coming week that only means that we had other umpires filling the slots – the scheduler tries to keep umpires equally busy, however, there are a number of young/new umpires so that it can be sometimes difficult to do so.  You must contact her every week as your personal schedule changes if you want to be placed on the follow week’s schedule   The Scheduler will NOT CONTACT YOU!   Game schedules are placed on the webpage (right hand side) once Dawn fills in the available games.  Generally, they are posted on the previous Friday/Saturday prior to the start of the new week.   If you have listed that you have internet capabilities, then you will be responsible for checking the website yourself – YOU WILL NOT GET A CALL FROM DAWN.  If you do not have internet and have been scheduled for a game, YOU WILL NEED TO CALL DAWN prior to the week starting.


Once you are assigned that game, you are not allowed to switch fields with another umpire unless one of the board members has approved it.   You are allowed to swap positions however, during play-off week, you must remain on the position assigned.


How many games are usually played during the week?

Monday through Thursday there are two games…played normally at 6pm and 8:15pm.

Friday nights and Sundays are reserved for make-up games or the prior week’s rain out games.

Saturday offers 4-6 games  (9am, 11:15am, 1:30pm; 3:45pm, 6pm)


Umpires are assigned both games during the week and usually two games (back to back) on the weekends.  Although, there has been on occasions where one game may be needed to be filled, so let the scheduler know that you can only work the “game time”.  (i.e.  1:30pm game  or the 3:45pm game).


What kind of equipment do I need to umpire games?

All umpires are required to wear a plain black umpire hat (get 4 stitches so that you can wear it while wearing your mask).  A black umpire shirt (black and white strip on the sleeve and collar), black or white undershirt, gray pants (purchase “plate” or “combo” pants from one of the vendors – see links to vendors on the right hand side of the webpage).  A chest protector, shin guards, mask, one ball bag, brush and one indicator.  For the males, a cup is necessary to wear.  It is also recommended to wear steel tip shoes however, it is not mandatory.    (ORWUA does supply a chest protector, shin guards and mask on the 9yr/10yr and 11yr fields…this is shared equipment and cannot leave the grounds – please hang up the bag).   All equipment will be worn UNDER YOUR CLOTHING so make sure that the pant leg is wide enough and your shirt large enough to go over the chest protector.   Pants are to be clean and pressed.  Black socks are to be worn, no ankle socks.


What happens if I can’t make my game?  Is there a penalty?

Please call the scheduler as soon as you know you will be unable to make your game.   It is your responsibility to find your own replacement, but if you are having problems finding a replacement, the scheduler will help you find one at a charge of $10.00  (within 24 hrs it will a full game fee).   If you do not show up for your games, there is a game fee penalty for each game you do not show up for.  This amount will help pay the other umpire ½ of your pay as he had to work the games by himself.

If you find yourself without a partner, it is your responsibility to call the scheduler so that a replacement can be made.  If you fail to do so, you will not be entitled to 1/2 of the game fee of your partner’s pay.


Where can I buy most of my equipment and clothing?

On-line sites are available:



If money is a situation in purchasing equipment, a number of the kids try to hook up with a buddy so that one complete gear is bought and shared between the two.  However, you need to mention this to the scheduler when scheduling your games that you must be paired with your “buddy”.  This is not a recommended solution since this will hinder you from getting more games than you normally would.


Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Dawn Becker at 713.516.5360 or you can contact her via email at

She umpires for other organizations so she may not be able to return your call immediately, however, expect a return call the following day.   Emails are responded to during normal business hours.