To keep your time between innings to one minute or less,  try to avoid talking with your partner during those times this way you keep focused on your surroundings.


Proper mechanics for the field umpire is to go directly to the outfield between half innings.   This location is between first and second; and just located on the grass line of the outfield.   Once that third out is made, jog to that spot.   Keep an eye on your partner - good eye contact throughout the game is the way to keep each other in the game!   If your partner does need to speak to you, he may signal for you to come in - but this should be done at the start of the half inning.    Once the catcher announces the throw down, jog (or briskly walk) to your A position on the field (first base position).

The reason why this is done...1)  to speed up the game.  2) players, coaches and fans can't talk to you about a call  3)  if the coach does want to talk to you about a call....have him come to you, don't go to him.  4) your partner will always know where to find you if you are needed.


Proper mechanics for the plate umpire is to go 5-6 feet down the fair/foul line and stand there with your mask under your left arm.    You will go to the first base side if the home team has just completed batting....go to the third base line when the visiting team just completed their bat.

The reason why this is done...1) you are available for any pass balls that get by the catcher (while the pitcher is warming up) to throw him another ball from your ball bag.   Doing this will definitely speed up the pitchers warm up time so that the catcher is not chasing a ball to the backstop.  2)  standing on the line opposite of the last batted team shows that you are not showing up the last batter.  3) you are keeping an eye on where the next batter is standing (not too close to the warm up pitches).  4) you are available to the coaches for any changes to the line up. 


If your plate umpire needs to talk to you for any reason during this time, the umpire will signal you by crossing his arms.


so there you have it...a game that moves smoothly and quickly.