HELPFUL HINTS                         HELPFUL HINTS

 Plate Meeting - what do I say?                                            Manager's Misunderstandings     

How can I keep the game moving along?                             Equipment Check

The Slot - Plate Umpire's Position  

Plate work - 'the wedge'

General plate work and calling mechanics                            Plate Mechanics on the field

Infield Fly Rule                                                                    Field Mechanics on the field

Runner's Out When...                                                          OUT OF CONTROL COACHES

How to Call a Double Play                                                  Umpire Communication

The Balk                                                                              Fair/Foul Powerpoint

Balk Video1                                                                          OUT? for running out of the baseline?

Balk Video2

                                                                                            Fair/Foul Video

Bunt/Swing or Bunt/Slash Rule                                       Leaving Early 7.13 rule             

Catch/No Catch                                                                  2-man Closed Base Mechanics (2023)                                                

                                                                                                   2-man Open Base Mechanics


                                                                                                           4-man LL 60' Mechanics(2023)     

                                                                                                           4-man LL 70-90' Mechanics (2023)


                                                                                   3-Man Mechanics (TASO)                    

                                                                                    4-Man Mechanics (TASO)



                                                  Sample Letters of Ejection

                                                               SCHOLARSHIP FORM