HELPFUL HINTS                           HELPFUL HINTS

 Plate Meeting - what do I say?                                            Manager's Misunderstandings     

How can I keep the game moving along?                              

The Slot - Plate Umpire's Position                                       Plate Mechanics on the field

Infield Fly Rule                                                                    Field Mechanics on the field

Runner's Out When...                                                         

How to Call a Double Play                                                  Umpire Communication

The Balk                                                                              Fair/Foul Powerpoint

                                                                                            Fair/Foul Video

Bunt/Swing or Bunt/Slash Rule                                            Leaving Early 7.13 rule             

                                                                                           Closed Base Mechanics                                                 

Catch/No Catch                                                                   Open Base Mechanics



                                                        MAGNOLIA/TOURNAMENT ROSTER A-L


                                                        MAGNOLIA/TOURNAMENT ROSTER M-Z


Sample Scorecard                                                                                Sample Letters of Ejection

Magnolia Umpire Contract                                                                                  

Magnolia Volunteer Form